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 Double Deep Pallet Rack

Double Deep Pallet Rack

Double deep pallet racking systems are the least expensive high-density rack system on the market and here is why: We have more than 7 years of experience in the racking industry. We’ve worked with every type of rack, and we truly mean it when we say we have a rack for every need. Each business has unique needs and which racking system you choose will depend on your storage needs. The double deep pallet racking system might not be right for everyone, but for some, it’s the perfect storage solution.

Double deep rack is the only high-density pallet storage rack system that utilizes nothing but low-cost standard selective pallet rack. The only difference is that it is configured 2 pallets deep, back to back. Therefore you get an extremely dense 4-deep system accessible from both sides, for only the cost of regular uprights and beams. It has a similar density to the drive-in rack but at less cost 

Using Sector:
★ Garment & Textile Industries ★ Food and Beverage Companies ★ Pharmaceutical Industry ★ Tobacco industry ★ Leather Industry ★ Chemical Industry

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Double deep pallet rack features and benefits:

⌲ Super dense pallet storage
⌲ Lowest cost per pallet position of any rack system
⌲ Increase floor space by 60-65%
⌲ The forklift drive must reach over the first beam level to load and unload pallets off the second beam level
⌲ Very popular rack for high throughput operations
⌲ Optional pallet supports help to support the pallets and give forklift drive confidence when loading back pallets – which decreases the load and pick times
⌲ Requires use of a special 2-deep reach truck

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