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Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack Details:

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Structural cantilever rack is a multi-level high density storage system designed to handle long length materials. Structural cantilever rack utilizes I-beam towers and C-channel arms and is the most efficient and affordable way to store lumber, engineered wood products, re-bar, metal roofing, pipe, etc.
Structural cantilever rack can be used outdoors as well as indoors, so it is extremely rugged. Plus, it’s economical and versatile, whether it’s used as stand alone storage unit, or used to support the roof of a shed or building.
Roll form cantilever racks can be designed to handle extra heavy duty loads but structural cantilever is the king of the hill when it comes to maximum load weight, damage resistance and long life.

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You get what you pay for and many warehouse managers have decided to pay the extra money that it costs to use structural cantilever racks to store their lumber and steel. Cantilever rack is offered in either single or double sided. Single sided cantilever is
designed to go along a wall. Double sided cantilever rack is installed away from a wall and is accessed from both sides.Our structural cantilever rack has hole spacing on 4?
center lines, either on one side or both as required. Therefore cantilever arms are adjustable on 4″ increments. The components of the structural cantilever rack systems include: Single sided.

Using Sector:
★ Garment & Textile Industries ★ Food and Beverage Companies ★ Pharmaceutical Industry ★ Tobacco industry ★ Leather Industry ★ Chemical Industry

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