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Mezzanine/Multi-Tier Rack

Mezzanine/Multi-Tier Rack Are Generally of FourTypes:

1.Bottom to Mezzanine Rack Top Clear Details:

Bottom to Mezzanine Rack Top Clear:
Master Engineering  Mezzanine and Raised Storage Systems provide a solution to the often difficult aspect of ever shrinking floor space. Raised floor storage systems are always unique, and often require detailed drafting and planning to ensure the ideal configuration to suit any space. The in-house Emrack engineering and drafting team will work closely with you to ensure that your specific raised floor storage requirements are addressed by a custom designed configuration.

2. Up to Mezzanine Rack Bottom Clear Details:

Up to Mezzanine Rack Bottom Clear :

★ Multi-level mezzanine option fantastic way of gaining extra floor space
★ Fully modular construction for unlimited configurations
★ Sturdy Steel Construction
★ Unique chequer-plat steel flooring system or ‘ready to lay’ joisted floor
★ Hot dip galvanised or powder-coated options for outdoor and indoor requirements.
★ Full design & layout development services

3. Top & Bottom Both Side Rack of Mezzanine Details:

Top & Bottom Both Side Rack of Mezzanine :
Handaling Equpment:
★ Fixed Scissor Lift
★ Hand truck
★ Vartical Lift
★ Provides 100% accessibility
★ Maximum storage
★ No specialized trucks required

4. Selectional Platform Details:

Selectional Platform :

Using Sector:

★ Garment & Textile  Industries
★ Food and Beverage Companies
★ Pharmaceutical Industry
★ Tobacco industry
★ Leather Industry
★ Chemical Industry
★ Plastic and Polymer Industry
★ Ispat Industries