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Industrial Conveyor System

Industrial Conveyor System of 2(Two)Types:

1. Spiral Conveyor Details:


Sometimes mechanical problems are complicated but the solutions are
surprisingly simple. We know well of the users’s requirements and
expectations for spiral conveyor. in each day, on each spiral conveyor, we try to make a breakthrough in design and optimize user experience.


Overload protection, chain over-length sensor, smart tension regulation device, automatic lubrication device etc, all these devices are integrated in NEXUS spiral conveyors, even an operator without professional train can finish the maintenance work with the guidance of user manual. Other accessories including rigid chain and high-quality bear- ing etc., ensures low- friction, durability, smooth operation and long life of NEXUS spiral conveyors.

2. Straight Conveyor Details:


➤ 5mm pitch and Self-lock design bring easy assembling and dismantling, the nab-top surface increases the friction in conveying.
➤ The outer diameter of our Miniature conveyor is only 19mm, which can make smooth and successful transi- tion for most of solid object.


➤ Built-in motor, bringing streamline frame and low noise lever.
➤ Thickness of the conveyor is less than 100mm, so very easy to carry and install it.
➤ The speed is adjustable, which can satisfy the needs for different application.

Using Sector:
★ Garment & Textile Industries ★ Food and Beverage Companies ★ Pharmaceutical Industry ★ Tobacco industry ★ Leather Industry ★ Chemical Industry