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A forklift is also known as a lift truck essentially because it’s a truck that can lift loads using a set of forks. A forklift can be used in numerous places such as warehouses, factories, farms, ship-ping yards and much more. There are many types of for klifts which can be called a variety of different names; in this case we will use the basic names of the forklifts when describing their capabilities.
Type: Full Electric
Capacity: 1000-5000 KG
Lifting Height: 3000-6000mm
Power: Rechargeable Battery


Reach trucks are designed to work in narrow aisle warehousing spaces. They have two outer legs that distribute the load weight; with a wheel configuration of two or one wheels per leg. The drive wheel is located under the operator’s seating position. The driver sits sideways when operating the machine.The wheel base of a reach truck is the same length as a normal counterbalance forklift; however the body is more compact. When lifting a load a reach truck moves the load back within the wheelbase; meaning less of the oad is protruding from the reach truck, allowing the reach truck to work in much narrower aisles.
Type: Full Electric
Capacity: 1000-4000 KG
Lifting Height: 2000-12000mm
Power: Rechargeable Battery

Portable Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are the industry solution for increasing worksite productivity. Ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, they’re excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with firm, level surfaces.. Characterized by low noise levels, these lifts provide excellent capacity and large platform workspace.
Type: Full Electric
Capacity: 500-2000 KG
Max. Height: 14000 mm
Min. Height: 1500 mm
Power: Rechargeable Battery

Vertical Lift

This Vertical Lift is typically used to transport goods or pallets between floors of buildings. It features a mesh enclosure, and can easily be used indoors or outdoors in buildings, warehouses, or wherever you need it! It provides efficient, convenient, and safe access to mezzanines, basements, or any level of a multi-storied building.

Using Sector:
★ Garment & Textile Industries
★ Food and Beverage Companies
★ Pharmaceutical Industry
★ Tobacco industry
★ Leather Industry
★ Chemical Industry