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 Selective Shelving Rack

Selective Shelving Rack

Boltless Warehouse Shelving is simply the most economical and easiest-to-install shelving system in the world!

We sell the ORIGINAL boltless shelving called Riveter. It’s the industry standard. All other rivet shelving is patterned after our design. Our design consists of standard or heavy-duty posts, low-profile single rivet or double rivet beams, shelf deck supports, and particle board decking. The unique thing about rivet racks is that they don’t require nuts & bolts. It’s called rivet shelving because the post and beams have rivet connections that just snap together. Simply use a rubber mallet and installation is a breeze. Boltless warehouse shelving has an open design that requires no bracing. All sides are open for easy ergonomic access to stored items.

 Boltless shelving is ideal for storing boxes, cartons and bulk goods. It has a 700 LBS shelf capacity and is designed for hand loading. 

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Advantages of Boltless Warehouse Shelving include:

The most economical shelving available The easiest shelving to install. No nuts and bolts are required. Installs in half the time of other shelving systems. Reduces install cost over bolted shelving Ideal for most applications including warehouse storage, parts storage, backroom storage, archive storage, basement and garage storage o Available in many heights, widths &depths Completely free-standing Durable steel construction offers capacities that range from 600 LBS -1000 LBS per shelf Perfect for storing light and bulky loads No bracing allows for easy access from all four sides.

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